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Automatic Escalation

Punctuality to accomplish guest requests is the prime requirement to maximize your guest satisfaction. Using Keponet, guest satisfaction is not only a guarantee. It is already in your hand since KEPONET will escalate guest request when it is not promptly fulfilled even until the CEO level.


Hotel staff performance is also considered as the key to improve a hotel service. Using Keponet, get the detail of each hotel staff, including their performance. Further, with the analytic data provided, the knowledge of which department needs more staff is yours.

Multi Department

A single guest request may imply lots of department in charge. Using Keponet, you can assign several related departments to serve the guest request without having confusion.

Invite Other Team

A big task needs a big group to accomplish. Using Keponet, you can employ the advanced technology of invite and join embedded in Keponet.

 Chat in Task

With this feature, the staff can discuss anything related to work without interference and noise from other unrelated staff to completing this request.


Send photos, pictures, and even documents to support the information of the assignment to be sent. With the attachment feature in Keponet, the task information will be clearer thereby reducing misunderstanding between hotel staff.

Announcement / Alert

This feature can be used to announce general information to other staff when a higher level staff member wants to hold a meeting with their staff. In addition, this feature can be used to signal danger signs if there are unplanned conditions such as natural disasters or terror threats that occur in the hotel area.

Corporate Address

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Bali 80361 - Indonesia