Product Features

Available on web and mobile

(iOS and Android)

Automatic Escalation

We understand every minutes when delivering guest request is matter, by using this feature you can set every task finish time limit. When a task didn't finish on time, Keponet will send notification to the upper position.


Keponet is very flexible for all operational activities types in your hotel. You can send an assignment or re-assign a task to the related staff directly, even 1 task can be handled more than 1 department. Not only that, Keponet can be used for back office staff and operational staff too.

Detailed Task &
Discussion System

You can add attachment on every task to describe it more detailed and there is room for discussion (chat) in every task, so the discussion is well organized.


Every task detail well recorded very well, so you can use this data to improve your hotel activity.

Announcement / Alert

This feature can be used to announce general information to other staff when a higher level staff member wants to hold a meeting with their staff. In addition, this feature can be used to signal danger signs if there are unplanned conditions such as natural disasters or terror threats that occur in the hotel area. Detailled online / offline status & user activity.

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