About Us

We are crazy people. Yes, we are. We are crazy about technology.

Our Story

We extremely starve of discovering the mysterious part of a technology that can improve not just our life but also others, especially they who dedicate their lives to serve others in a hospitality world. Hospitality world captivates our mind and heart constantly. It is the world in which people try to give their best in everything including service. But not just a mediocre service that leaves a bitter taste. We believe everyone who works in hospitality world always willing to give an accurate, fast and organized service.

Therefore, we sense an urging need of an application within hospitality realm that certainly can be a reliable barometer of how a service is served and how to measure it. A tangible and reliable barometer is the main weapon to attract data. For a thinker, data is the way to invent tomorrow today. It is the basis of making every rational and proper decision which in turns will transform into an instinct. An instinct that will bring some new thinking and improvement. Thus, we invent an app entitled KEPONET.

KEPONET is a super smart friendly app that is able to record every guest request.

It is even equipped with the data about when the request is fulfilled and by whom.

This authentic data that captured real-time can be implemented as the basis for the hotel management to draw some profitable decision and even to evaluate all hotel staff performance.

This is our story. Share yours!

Corporate Address

PT. Varnion Technology Semesta

Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No.67


Bali 80361 - Indonesia